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Blockchain for Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate Program is a Program

Blockchain for Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate Program

Started Feb 17, 2021

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Full program description

Blockchain for Critical Infrastructure Protection Certificate Program

Certificate Description:

Purpose and Content of the Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is to equip graduates with both a thorough understanding of blockchain and an ability to apply essential blockchain processes, structures, and properties to the protection of critical infrastructure. 

The content includes the purpose, nature and origin of blockchain; an examination of the various types of decentralized ledgers; a brief history of blockchain; the anatomy of a block; the process of block creation; consensus algorithms, proof of work, proof of stake, proof of authority; mining; difficulty target adjustments; elliptic curve cryptography digital signature addresses, SHA-256 hash cryptography; forensic analysis; monetary policy; smart contracts; scalability; interoperability; and governance in blockchain.

The certificate will also give students an understanding of the origins, structures and functions of digital assets across their various categories and varieties, and a thorough understanding of smart contracts, their nature, origin, purpose and properties.

High-Level Learning Outcomes (Objectives)

Students will be able to return to their professional endeavors and understand methods to apply blockchain to achieve their department’s mission in general.  Moreover, certificate holders will be able to predict and take action with respect to adverse uses of blockchain by actors who seek to damage critical infrastructure.  Most importantly, certificate holders will be trained to apply critical thinking to blockchain and contribute vitally important thought leadership so as to position the U.S. as the world’s leader in blockchain.

Audiences for the Certificate

The audiences for the certificate include intelligence analysts, supply chain professionals, economists and monetary policy analysts, law enforcement professionals, infrastructure professionals (e.g., agriculture, energy, transportation, communications, manufacturing, health care, financial services), military and defense professionals, as well as foreign policy advisors.  Additional audiences include professionals who seek to pivot their direction and concentrate in blockchain going forward.

Course Structure of the Certificate

The certificate is made up of the following four eight-hour eLearning courses of instruction; each course is further described below:

  • BLK-101 Fundamentals of Blockchain: Origin, Nature and Architecture
  • BLK-102 Blockchain Infrastructure, Weaponization and Policy
  • BLK-103 Introduction to Digital Assets
  • BLK-104 Introduction to Smart Contracts