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Practical Application of Risk Assessment for Critical Infrastructure Certificate Program is a Program

Practical Application of Risk Assessment for Critical Infrastructure Certificate Program

Starts Mar 15, 2021

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Full program description

Certificate in the Practical Application of Risk Assessment for Critical Infrastructure

The certificate program consists of four courses:

  1. Assessment of Threats and Hazards,
  2. Determining Vulnerabilities,
  3. Assessing Consequences and Calculating Risk, and
  4. Developing Risk Mitigation Strategies.

This program provides students with practical information regarding the “how to” of Risk Assessment (RA).  Many introductory Homeland Security courses provide an overview of RA.  This course is different in that it teaches you how to conduct a RA.   We will start from the beginnings of Homeland Security in the United States, reviewing the homeland security goals and national plans for protecting Critical infrastructure. You will learn how to research and recognize threats as we explore the all-hazards concept of RA.

The threat environment becomes relevant within the context of vulnerabilities.  You will be taught to assess vulnerabilities and to understand the relationship between threats and vulnerabilities in terms of risk. You will also be able to identify a facility’s weaknesses or susceptibility to salient threats or hazards.  This process will serve to inform your development of mitigation strategies necessary to reduce vulnerability. 

Determining consequences is a critical part of conducting a RA.  You will learn to apply methods of assessing consequences and determining the extent of debilitating impact that could be caused by damaging or destroying an asset.  As part of this process you will learn to identify the main categories of consequences and to evaluate the site characteristics critical to consequence assessment. 

Once you have determined and calculated threat, vulnerability, and consequences, will you be ready to calculate Risk.  You will learn how to apply the formula for determining and prioritizing risk.   Your prioritized risks will inform the process for determining which vulnerabilities to mitigate.  You will then learn techniques useful in developing mitigation strategies to protect your infrastructure. 

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for all personnel, service providers and staff responsible for or have an interest in infrastructure protection. This includes Tribal, State, local and private sector emergency management professionals, and personnel responsible for managing risk as well as those who have a role in identifying and responding to threats and hazards,  assessing vulnerabilities, and developing mitigation strategies.